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Thank You for Voting Us Best Wedding DJs!

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Hello Friends, Family and Clients!

Last month my son Diondrey and I received the best news ever! Hartford Magazine called to tell us that we won the Best Wedding DJ/Band Category in their annual Reader's Poll! We still can't believe it! It is such an honor for so many reasons! We work alongside some very awesome competitors and never dreamed of asking anyone to vote for us. The win was organic and definitely unexpected! We want to thank everyone who voted for acknowledging our hard work and dedication to our clients.

I dedicate this award to my late but always great father, Gary Rivkin. From him I learned an incredible work ethic and genuinely good character traits like loyalty, sense of humor, honesty and charity. My father owned a fundraising company and he worked from home a lot. He was loved by everyone wherever we went. He made sure that I went to college even though I had Diondrey at the age of 18. With his help I earned 2 college degrees, an Associate in Hospitality/Tourism and a B.S in Elementary Education. I used to joke about how I didn't need those degrees to become a DJ but I see now that the experience is something I took with me when creating Royal Beats.

My son, Diondrey and I have been working together for 3 years but it's only been 6 months of us being a Duo. He is continuing to learn to host karaoke and troubleshooting skills while DJing as well as building his knowledge of more musical genres. His dance skills are absolutely eye catching and people of all ages love him. I'm continuing to grow my music library and will be learning new DJ Styles. I'm always fine tuning my wedding outline and website as well as daily promoting.

We promise you won't be disappointed when you hire us! We are here to make sure your event runs smoothly and everyone is entertained.

Remember: The best compliments are referrals and written or video testimonials. Thank You for Everything!!


Your Royal Beats DJs

Stephanie Rivkin & Diondrey Sapp

What's New with Royal Beats 2017

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What's New

We have very exciting news at Royal Beats DJ Services! This is actually our first newsletter and it's to invite you to share in our excitement and to Thank You for making us one of the Top DJs in CT! Look for us in the upcoming Best Of Hartford issue of Hartford Magazine to see which category we won!!

On Jan. 1, 2017, our business model changed from an All Female DJ Service to a Family DJ Service that now consists of just my son Diondrey and I. He has been assisting me with gigs for the past 3 years and is now learning to DJ. He is also a dancer which makes all of our events even more fun!

At Royal Beats our main focus is on making sure our customers receive the attention they deserve when hiring us for their events. I have a background in event planning which is essential when meticulously detailing all types of events. This is why we have been in business for 8 years by word of mouth and very little advertising.


We started off as karaoke hosts in 2009 and grew into an all event DJ Service over the years by meeting people at our weekly shows. Ever since, we've been hired for every type of event imaginable. We create personalized playlists with our clients for each event and never play the songs you don't want to hear. We work with you to create the type of event you envision.

This year we hope to DJ one of your events! We pride ourselves on our professionalism, crisp, clear sound, extensive music library and knowledge of music, enormous karaoke library, many lighting options, back up systems for all of our gear and a quality network of professionals in all areas that we proudly refer.

Please contact us via email or phone for rates and availability. We book weddings up to 2 years ahead of time so please don't wait! We look forward to hearing from you! 

Kind regards,

Royal Beats DJs

Stephanie Rivkin & Diondrey Sapp

How we Quote Wedding Rates

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"I'm getting married!!  What do you charge for a wedding?"    

Congratulations! Let's talk a little so that we can quote you an awesome rate! ! Not every wedding is the same, so let's see what you've got going on! On Average our rates are between $800 - $2000 depending on your needs.

Which do you need DJ Services for? Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception

What time does the ceremony begin and end? Where does it take place?

What time does cocktail hour begin and end? Where does it take place?

What time does the reception begin and end? Where does it take place?

Do you want lighting? How many lights will you need?

Having this information allows me to decide how much time and equipment we will need for your event.

If you hire us we will need to meet in person at least once or twice to discuss our Wedding Contract and Outline. A non-refundable Save the Date fee of $100. is required along with a signed contract to seal the deal. You can then relax and rest assured that we will detail the event from beginning to end with you so that caterers, photographers and all other vendors are all on the same page. With us, your event will run seamlessly and you can enjoy each special moment without any worries. Check out the testimonials page for even more reassurance!

KARAOKE is not FREE/Tipping your Bartender

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Hello Friends,

Here are Some Things I'd like you to know about KARAOKE NIGHTS.

1. ) Karaoke seems free when you walk into a bar and don't have to pay a cover charge but here's how it works.... The bar pays the DJ with the money they make when YOU come to karaoke to sing and have a good time/buy food & drinks. If you don't spend any money - the bar loses out when they have to pay me for entertaining you. If the bar loses too much money they no longer employ me to entertain you :( Spend money! 

2. ) Be considerate of your bartender. Tipping your bartender makes a difference in many ways. If you are a crappy tipper - you may get slower service because the bartender isn't going to rush over to get you something you're not even going to tip /him/her for. Someone who tips well will get faster service and maybe even better drinks. You want a strong drink? Well you'll have to pay for it! Tip well and you get the best service. It makes the bartender happy.

3.) Read my previous blog about How to Help a DJ.

4.) This DJ spends a lot of money on music and quality equipment. In order to keep everything in working order it takes $$$ which means this DJ needs to stay employed. The best thing you can do for a DJ is to refer them to keep them employed so that you can continue to go out and have a good time and they can afford to work!

5.) Be considerate of the other singers. Do not ask to sing ahead of other people.... this DJ has a fair rotation and likes to keep people happy but doesn't appreciate feeling bullied into getting your song in. Also, it's not your night in concert, it's just karaoke. If you really feel the need to sing, feel free to belt out all your favorite tunes in your car on your way home. 

6.) Be considerate of the DJ's stuff. Don't put anything near my laptop and wires. Accidents happen. Do you want to be the reason the night ends early? I didn't think so -  No drinks on my table! Please!!!!

7.) It's supposed to be FUN! Show off but don't belittle anyone. Courtesy and respect go a long way. Karaoke is a bonding social event where lifelong friendships can build. Make the most of your night out.

How to Help a DJ

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How to Help Your DJ Friend, by Stephanie Rivkin

We love it when friends offer to help us unload/load or even set up our equipment; but that doesn't mean that we actually want you to touch our stuff. There are a number of reasons I've discovered over the years that you can best help your DJ friend by doing only what they ask of you or nothing at all. Please take this in the politest way possible!!!

1. Accidentally damaging my personal/business belongings

Example #1. my car - it's endured dings, scratches and dents I would have preferred to either make myself  or not at all but "you" wanted to help, so at one time, I may have said yes, but now I politely decline.

Example #2. My equipment -  I can't tell you how many times I've had to replace things (knobs, power cords, wires etc.) that I would not have had to replace if I didn't let "you" help me. Yes, your desire to help is appreciated -  but can be somewhat expensive. It's just over all better if you don't touch anything unless the DJ asks you to.

2. Accidentally hurting yourself.

Not only is the equipment heavy, it's downright dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. Turning the knob on my air powered speaker stands could hurt you in a HUGE way. I learned that by watching a friend almost hit herself in the face because she didn't ask me what to do. So keep in mind that I'm looking out for you by politely asking you not to touch, even if you are a DJ. Even if you know what you are doing. No one should ever show up at your office or job and touch your things without asking, so keep in mind that though we may be friends, I am running a business and it's best if no one gets hurt. 

If you REALLY want to help your DJ friend - REFER them as often as you can! Keep your DJ friends employed by showing up at gigs with your friends and spend a little money at the bar, if not A LOT of money :)  That's the best advice I have to offer on how to help. If you really are trying to be helpful, consider this!


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As a Thank You for referring us - Please accept our offer to discount your next party by $25.00. Please mention Royal Beats Blog for the discount!!!

Happy 2015!!!

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We just want to THANK YOU for hiring us, referring us, and partying with us!! We just had the best year ever and can't wait to see what 2015 has in store for us.


The Royal Beats