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About Royal Beats


Stephanie Rivkin


Creator of Magic Moments

Stephanie is a dynamic DJ and entertainer with nearly 15 years of experience, making her mark as a versatile talent in the industry. Recognized for her outstanding contributions, she has garnered numerous accolades, particularly excelling as an award-winning Wedding DJ. Beyond her expertise in curating unforgettable wedding experiences, Stephanie showcases a diverse skill set as an adept MC, Open Format Club DJ, singer, educator and charismatic Karaoke & Podcast Host.

Stephanie's influence extends beyond her performances as she actively participates in industry events and conferences. Since her debut at DJ conferences across the US in 2018, Stephanie has been a sought-after speaker and DJ at various prestigious gatherings. Notable appearances include the Mobile Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, the Chicago Marquee Show, and an exclusive spot at the DJ Collective in Nashville, where she clinched 1st place in the MC competition of the DJ Olympics.

Her speaking engagements reflect her commitment to sharing knowledge and expertise. Stephanie has delivered compelling seminars on diverse topics such as "Starting a Karaoke Business" in Vegas (2020) "Creating Magic Moments" in Vegas, at the Mobile Entertainment Expo (2023) and "Authentic Personal Branding" in Atlantic City (2023) at DJ conferences. She looks forward to presenting in Orlando in 2024. 

Adding to her list of accomplishments, Stephanie proudly serves as a Brand Ambassador for KPODJ, further solidifying her position as a respected figure in the industry. Additionally, she contributes to the education of fellow DJs as an esteemed Educator for the DJs Vault.

With a confident and engaging demeanor, Stephanie continues to shape the landscape of the DJ and entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark with her talent, expertise, and passion.



A Singer at Heart


Steph's life took a transformative turn at the age of 12 when her father gifted her a karaoke machine. Little did she know, that moment would become the catalyst for an extraordinary journey. With a microphone in hand from that day forward, she evolved from a timid young singer into a dynamic force, gracing prominent stages across the United States as both a speaker and DJ.


Today, Steph revels in the joy of orchestrating unforgettable  events and karaoke nights, where she skillfully spotlights the talents of those who share the stage with her.


Fearless, adventurous, and spontaneous, she thrives on pushing boundaries and exploring the uncharted.


A noteworthy footnote in Steph's life is a viral video featuring a bear in 2015. This unexpected encounter became a pivotal point, forever altering her perspective. Remarkably, Steph not only survived the bear encounter but also navigated the unexpected wave of fame that followed the viral video. She considers herself fortunate to have emerged unscathed from both the literal and figurative bears in her life, embracing each experience as a testament to her resilience and unwavering spirit.


DJ Skills & Style


Your event's DJ serves as both the face and voice, setting the tone and leaving a lasting impression. When choosing someone to represent you, consider Stephanie—a refreshing departure from the stereotypical cheesy DJ.

Stephanie brings a blend of class, sass, and articulate mastery to her role as a DJ/MC. Her skill set is impressive, encompassing key mixing, beat matching, and quick mixing.


With a unique ability to intuitively gauge the atmosphere of a room, she ensures the perfect musical ambiance. Stephanie boasts an extensive knowledge base spanning multiple music genres and decades, providing a versatile and engaging experience for all attendees.

When youneed more than just a DJ - call on Steph, who goes above and beyond expectations, standing out as the confident choice for an epic occasion.

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Private Facebook Group

Welcome to our wedding community! This group is created just for you to share your wedding-related queries and discover the ideal team of vendors for your big day. It's also a space where vendors can provide professional advice and promote their services. 


Feel free to join us and bring in your engaged friends! We're here to offer assistance and encouragement throughout your engagement and the entire wedding planning process.


1. What do you charge for an event?

It all depends on the details. Which services do you want? How many hours? Type of event? Location? Let's talk about it!


2. Why do you cost more than other DJs?

When you choose Royal Beats, you're investing in the antidote to ordinary & cheesy entertainment. You are guaranteeing a unique & priceless experience that I'm able to provide because of my personal background and talents. You get a female perspective and intuition as well as a feminine vibe that's often underestimated in a male dominated industry. Also, everything I bring to your wedding is top of the line from my DJ gear to my photobooth and lights. It all has the ability to elevate your experience.

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