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About Royal Beats


Stephanie Rivkin


Creator of Magic Moments

Stephanie is a Multifaceted DJ & Entertainer with over 14 Years in Business. She's won numerous awards as a Wedding DJ but is also skilled as an MC, Open Format Club DJ, Singer & Karaoke Host.  She has spoken at several conferences and has performed all over the US as a DJ.  She writes for Mobile Beat Magazine and enjoys attending conferences to soak up all the secrets! 

She's attended, spoke and /or DJed at the following conferences in 2022 & 23:  Mobile Entertainment Expo - Las Vegas, Chicago Marquee Show,

DJ X  -Atlantic City, Wedding MBA - Las Vegas and the Harvest of Sound in Boston. 


To improve her MC skills,  she's worked with industry professionals

Bill Hermann, Mike Walter and Rob Ferre. She will be attending the Entertainment Experience with Bill Hermann in Nov. 23 in Minnesota.

Stephanie is excited and proud to be a Brand Ambassador

for KPODJ  &  an Educator for the DJs Vault

In 2021, Stephanie earned a Certificate from the

Wedding Merchants Business Academy in Las Vegas. 



A Singer at Heart


Steph received a karaoke machine as a gift from her father at the age of 12 and at that point her life changed forever. With a mic in her hand ever since, she went from a shy young singer to speaking and DJing on big stages across the US.   She describes herself as fearless, adventurous & spontaneous. As a side note: a viral video with a bear in 2015  changed her life forever and she considers herself  lucky to have survived both the bears and the viral video!


DJ Skills & Style


Stephanie is the alternative to the Cheesy DJ Stereotype. 

Classy, fun, and articulate, this DJ/MC can mix in key, beat match and quick mix.  She is gifted with intuition to read a room and has an extensive knowledge base in multiple genres of music. You can check out Stardust's live mix samples on Mixcloud and SoundCloud. 


Private Facebook Group

This group was made for you to post wedding related questions and find your perfect team of vendors! It's also a place for vendors to offer professional advice and market their services.  Please join us and invite your engaged friends! We are here to help and support you during your time of engagement and throughout the wedding process! 

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