Royal Beats DJ Services

Boutique Style Wedding & Event Services

by Stephanie Stardust

Come Dance in My Castle!

 Experience the magical moments that music can bring with the intuitive DJ style of Stephanie Stardust. Gifted with clarity to read the crowd, she has the ability to orchestrate song sequences that will speak straight to your soul and grab you by the hips!

If you are ready to partner with a DJ who knows how to do your party your way, then you’ve come to the right place. She will pull up to your event in her chariot and give the Royal Treatment that Queens and Kings like you deserve!

Whether it’s a big fat wedding, a small wedding, personal or corporate event, mitzvah, private party, club, or karaoke party, speak to Steph. Her vibrant, electric and creative energy will be an awesome addition to have at any event!

* Insurance Certificate available upon request.

Feeling Generous?

Unfortunately, like many in her industry, Royal Beats can not currently perform full time DJ services due the Covid-19 Corona Virus. If you feel inclined to leave a donation, Stephanie will be happy to offer a discount on future services or even provide you with a personalized music mix!