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Blowing Smoke Coast 2 Coast

As Stardust and Big Ern ignite their creativity alongside their smoky musings, they've concocted a recipe for podcasting brilliance that's as potent as it is unpredictable. Their witty banter transcends the time zones, leaving listeners both entertained and enlightened, often wondering if there's any subject these two can't tackle with their unique blend of humor and insight.

In a world where business talk can be as dry as a desert, they're an oasis of amusement and inspiration. Stardust's urban hustle meets Big Ern's West Coast chill, resulting in a podcast that's as unpredictable as a spin of a DJ's turntable. From life's little absurdities to the grandiose plans of entrepreneurial escapades, they dissect it all with equal parts laughter and sagacity.

So, whether you're seeking a chuckle, a nugget of wisdom, or just a little break from the mundane, tune in to Stardust & Big Ern's podcast. It's where coastal divides vanish in a puff of smoke, replaced by the harmony of friendship, laughter, and the occasional nugget of business brilliance.



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